IMA Polska S.A. is one of few plants in Poland, which owns the installation for production of raw alcohol, rectified alcohol and dehydrated alcohol. On top of this, we have two alcohol denaturing stations. This allows the full assortment of alcohols and products based on ethanol to be offered by us.

From the very beginning, the history of the plant was inseparably bound with production of vodka. Therefore, the company traditionally supplies significant volumes of potable alcohol to the largest alcohol groups in Poland. The organoleptic properties of our spirit allow a very delicate sweet flavour to be obtained in the final product, which is very much desired by vodka producers.

For several years, screen washer concentrates based on completely denatured ethanol alcohol have become our speciality. We offer concentrates of various power; we can provide a customised fragrance composition and colour.

The offer includes:

  • raw ethanol,
  • rectified ethanol,
  • dehydrated ethanol,
  • screen wash concentrate.

We also offer the possibility of denaturing alcohols and composing products in accordance with the customer’s order.

In the case of purchase of our products, please contact our specialist:

Alicja Kurkowicz

tel.: (+48) 537-001-246

The production plant:
62-095 Murowana Goślina
ul. Polna 21

tel: (+48) 530-595-395