For agriculture


We offer generative seeds from the following producers:

  • KWS;
  • Maisadour;
  • Ragt;
  • Caussade.
We propose the settlement option within the framework of deliveries during the autumn maize harvest until 30 November.
We offer the following types of coal:
  • Eco-pea;
  • Fine coal;
  • Nut-tree.

Fuel oil

Because of the large fuel oil consumption in agricultural production, we want to address the needs of farmers, offering the fuel oil settled during the harvest of dry maize grain or wet maize grain from autumn harvest.


In order to raise the quality of cooperation with the producers of maize and other grains, we offer the possibility of securing the fertiliser deliveries. In view of the high outlays for agricultural production, the deliveries of fertilisers are completed at any time which is convenient for agricultural producers, bearing the term of the loan for settlement in the deliveries of maize grains.


We offer the following types of lime:

  • KUJAWIT agricultural lime: 50-60% CaO;
  • Agricultural lime from the German market 28% MgO3, 38% CaO3, 15% Si;
  • Granulated lime: 80% CaCO3.5% MgCO3, 10% H2O, max 3% SiO2;
  • Dolomitic lime: 15%-20% MgO, ca. 30% CaO.

Contact our specialist:

Błażej Wojciechowski

tel.: (+48) 607 097 333

The production plant:
62-095 Murowana Goślina
ul. Polna 21

tel: (+48) 530-595-395